What Frights May Bring

Image from pixabay.com

Before I released the Kraken, that is, started to work with clients, I spent five long years reformatting my own brains and behavior.

A fear to seem incompetent and make a mistake, a fear to be ridiculed, to give a harmful advice, a nightmare about a person that would use my information and get in troubles — all this stuff pushed me to study more and more, conquer even greater heights and get reliable knowledge of how everything works. I studied on and on to be sure that consultations I give will enable my clients to achieve desired results — an improvement of relationships with the family, children and themselves, understanding how to act in a specific situation, and, among other things, how to deal with their fears and stress.

Basically, I turned my fears to my advantage making them those mighty mice that spin my internal wheel. And over years I’ve become a straight-A student at taming fears instead of their elimination.

To be afraid but to act, to shut my eyes but rush into unknown, to be embarrassed and stutter but to learn how to overcome tongue-tied state, ignorance and inability — all to become more ecological and effective at work. The Impostor Syndrome gave me the opportunity to take enough preparation time at my consultant career start and become confident that I would definitely not let my clients down and do my best to ensure that the result exceeds expectations.

And what are yours fears for you — a paralyzing scarecrow or an energizer bunny? What have they taught you?



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